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Other: DSC-W1
marriani ahmad
Latest entry:my colorful rainbow
you've turned my common days into an extraordinary precious moments View this Fotopage entry
ifah daud
Latest entry:Cameron Highland
It has been ages since i've last updated this photo blog. Yay! now i hope to update it on regular basis. Lets start with our recent trip after a while. We had the opportunity to visit Cameron again (together) after 5 years. The last trip was when Hariz was still inside Ummi womb. 2 cars makes a convoy, ours and Hazril n family (plus Opah n Atuk Sg Siput). We visited Kak Yong Sarimah n family and spend a (very cold) night at her house. The boys seems so excited, except Hariz isnt fond of horses, not... View this Fotopage entry
Thats all the berry we ate
Herni Hashim
Latest entry:Zurich, Switzerland
Finally I reached Zurich, my last pit stop of my mini Euro trip. It's kinda sad that this may be my last trip to Europe. I'm not sure when will I be back again. I reached Zurich in the afternoon when it was drizzling. I thought of taking the tramp to the hostel, but since it was raining and I was tired so I thought might as well I just take a cab. Couldn't really be bothered about the cost as I was really tired. All I wanted at this moment was to get to the hostel ASAP and rest! The cab driver was really sw... View this Fotopage entry
kupu kupu
Latest entry:Apologise & Happy 2010...
i have been neglecting this fotopages for months now. not that i have given up on photography, but i have been conquered in 'sluggish mode' for quite sometimes now. :crazy_freak: our hard-disk went kaput numerous times :mad_curse: (i'm waiting for our money tree to grow, so we can change to mac-mac! :-> ) and we lost hundreds of pictures :blackeye: (ie weddings, trips, gatherings, etc). luckily, my brilliant *+*kelip-kelip*+* had transferred them to his pod-pod, and my admirable buah-epal phone. :... View this Fotopage entry
to be continued...
GbuM daun kaduk
Latest entry:nazrul wedding
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Mimi Najua Zainal
Latest entry:Salam Aidilfitri...
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wan nazri
Latest entry:Adam's 2nd B'daay...
So.. dah lama x update.. ni photo adam taken during his 2nd b'day party at kindergarten.. walaupun sepatutnya hari tu dia yang jadi prince tapi dia pun sibuk nak join dayang dayang yg lain.. LOL LOL LOL ... putera yg mesra rakyat sebab x nak pakai crown dia yang kaler biru kuning tu... LOL .. ntah apa yg bebudak tu nyanyi ibu pun paham sesikit jer .. dan bukan bebudak tu pun yang nyanyi tapi pengasuh pengasuh nya juga sebenarnya :P .. zum geburtstag lieber adam... zum geburtstag viel gluck...... :ty_ty... View this Fotopage entry
citanurhani hussin
Latest entry:Tioman Escapade ~~17 - 19 May 2008~~
ok..last day....group pix! note: i didnt take lots of pics due to the hot and steaming weather...tak tahan panas!! View this Fotopage entry
mus him
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Sherley Eleza
Latest entry:My Engagement
On 2 June 07, I got engaged to a wonderful person. It was a beautiful ceremony. Lots of family, relatives and friends came. My close friends were there although there were a few who was not able to make it on that day. My fiancee and I are now gearing up for our BIG day which will be in December. Till then... View this Fotopage entry
My parents
klubbkidd fotopages
Latest entry:Zombi Kampung Pisang - Behind the scenes and stillshots
Filem terbitan Tayangan Unggul Sdn Bhd yang akan memulakan tayangan di pawagam mulai 19 April. Untuk ulasan, sila ke http://klubbkidd.blogdrive.com View this Fotopage entry
missy qme
Latest entry:The new me.
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Aini Awazah
Latest entry:I promise to love u forever dear..!!!
Mirza is now 5 mos....Can't wait to start weaning...Ibu nak start weaning mirza bila mirza 6 bulan..Nak tgk macam mana semangat nyer baby ibu ni makan...Byk makan ke tak agak nyer nnt kan? :-> Mirza masa 4 bulan 6.3kg...nanti ibu update berat masa 5 bulan...Mirza belum cucuk 5 bulan lagi..Sian dia kena cucuk nanti... :-( ~ Mirza dah 5 bulan..... :-D ~ View this Fotopage entry
wai em
Latest entry:RAIN's Coming : World Tour Kuala Lumpur
Date : Saturday 27 January 2007 Time : 8pm Venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur View this Fotopage entry
April Camelia
Latest entry:Bandung Trip 5th to 7th January 2007
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abdul syukur
Latest entry:rawak
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riniayuwan mizapyanfazali
Latest entry:we're back!!
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Rosman Positivo
Latest entry:Beach Hoorah!
Geez! Lame gile tak update fotopage. And for this time, nie laa gamba2 terbaru wif new life, new frenz, new place. Hangout at the beach (lagu all saints - pure shores berkumandang...) 8-) View this Fotopage entry
Juan Danza
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Mohammad Iman Rayyan Shahrul Nadzri
Latest entry:Family Vacation to Indonesia, Jan 28 to Feb 3 2006
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sultanmuzaffar SM
Latest entry:Buka Puasa bersama Marsha & Bloggers Kongsi Cerita
Buka Puasa bersama Marsha Bertempat di Chatters Kafe & Restoren, satu majlis berbuka puasa bersama Marsha telah diadakan pada hari Ahad. Majlis tersebut telah dianjurkan oleh Shawn dan Michelle serta ahli keluarga dan sahabat handai Marsha sendiri. Ramai juga yang hadir pada petang itu. Seperti biasa fanatik Marsha tentunya ada bersama. Saya hadir bersama Badrul sementara menantikan Klubbkidd dan Ted yang sudah semestinya akan tiba lewat. Mereka kan superstar ! Makanan di Chatters Kafe lebih sedap berba... View this Fotopage entry
iwanshuaswad shuaib
Latest entry:My 22nd Birthday!
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A bday present from Marsha, Michelle & Shawn. Thanks to you guys
zahrah ema
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